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25 years adrift in the creative industry.

I am Adrian Talbot, longstanding Design Director at creative studio Intro. I’m also a type designer selling my wares at Talbot Type; and a photographer, showing my images at Talbot Gallery. T3 is where I post updates of my attempts to stay afloat creatively
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A Digital Revelation
16 July 2001

I took photographs of jazz saxophonist Denys Baptiste, and used them to design his album Alternating Currents, on Dune Records.

We do quite a few sleeves here at Intro, and to a great extent our reputation has been forged in sleeve design. I don’t do many of the sleeves, I’m more the identity man these days but I’ve done quite a few all told, over the years.

I borrowed a Sony digital camera for this one, chiefly to keep the photography costs down, but it was a revelation. Alright, the quality fell a little short of film still at the time, but the fact that I could experiment, check the results and adjust accordingly was a huge bonus.

Shooting at night in London's Docklands under the sodium lights, could have yielded mixed results using film (at least it could have for me, as a comparative novice at the time when it came to shooting at night) so it felt good to leave, knowing I'd got some good shots.

The design also featured one of my first font designs, I'd like to think my font designs are getting better these days.