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I am Adrian Talbot, longstanding Design Director at creative studio Intro. I’m also a type designer selling my wares at Talbot Type; and a photographer, showing my images at Talbot Gallery. T3 is where I post updates of my attempts to stay afloat creatively
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Crafting a logo
28 March 2010

When redesigning the Crafts Council identity back in 2006, I can recall some debate as to the extent of the redesign, how much of the existing identity to retain. So we produced this booklet that presented the various options, as we saw it, in order to achieve some consensus.

The logo at top right is the outgoing version, originally cut in stone by a mason and converted into a logo — nice idea but it looks a little dated and the fine serifs disappear easily.

Having pondered the options, it was decided by all that the concept of a C symbol housing the name was smart, memorable, easily identifiable and worth holding on to.

The logo at bottom right is our updated outcome. Because the type sits on a radius, it was all custom drawn. The horizontal strokes of each of the letters are all concentric curves that correspond to the radius of the curves in the C symbol.


<a href="http://eurosport.in.ua/" title="http://eurosport.in.ua/">http://eurosport.in.ua/</a>


<a href="http://eurosport.in.ua/catalog/figurnyye-konki" title="http://eurosport.in.ua/catalog/figurnyye-konki">http://eurosport.in.ua/catalog/figurnyye-konki</a>


<a href="http://eurosport.in.ua/catalog/konki" title="http://eurosport.in.ua/catalog/konki">http://eurosport.in.ua/catalog/konki</a>


<a href="http://eurosport.in.ua/catalog/hokkejna" title="http://eurosport.in.ua/catalog/hokkejna">http://eurosport.in.ua/catalog/hokkejna</a>


<a href="http://eurosport.in.ua/catalog/klyushki" title="http://eurosport.in.ua/catalog/klyushki">http://eurosport.in.ua/catalog/klyushki</a>