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I am Adrian Talbot, longstanding Design Director at creative studio Intro. I’m also a type designer selling my wares at Talbot Type; and a photographer, showing my images at Talbot Gallery. T3 is where I post updates of my attempts to stay afloat creatively
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There was a Concorde there, and I got stuck
into these
18 April 2010

Brooklands in Surrey, is the birthplace of British motorsport and pioneering aviation, and is now the final resting place for many associated icons. I found myself photographing gauges and warning sign details.

The Brooklands Museum is the home of British motorsport and aviation, and the site of the nation’s first purpose-built racing circuit. Nowadays, it is home to a wealth of iconic British vehicles, everything from historically significant bicycles through motorcycles, sports cars, racing cars and civil and military aeroplanes, including a Concorde. The Concorde was largely developed here, shortly before it was wound down as a working establishment.

The thing that aroused my curiosity the most however, which will seem weird to most, were the hand painted signs and insignias and the frequent, mysterious little gauges.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t impressed by the Concorde, I was; it’s a design icon. Now over forty years old yet looking much younger, it was way ahead of its time, I just didn’t get a nice photograph of it.